Get paid for helping people discover and enjoy technology.

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HelloTech is a nationwide on-demand tech support platform. Our goal is to make technology accessible to everyone and it all starts with you!

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Payments submitted twice a week for your convenience.

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Application Process

It’s very important to us that we select the best technicians to join our platform. You will go through a series of interviews, skill assessments and background checked.

A Fun and Flexible Way to Earn Money.

Just Ask Our Techs.

"I have been a technician for HelloTech for two years now and, I have to say, there is no other company I would rather work for and no easier way to get service."
Eric R
Alhambra, CA
"I’m planning to go back to school next year so I’ve been working with HelloTech to help save up. My schedule lets me take a few jobs per week, sometimes more. It’s been an awesome way to make great money. It sure beats $12 an hour!"
Rajdi S
Cleveland, OH
"I’m the guy that has every new device out there. I love tinkering with stuff and even though I have a regular full time job, I like having the option of making extra money on the side basically doing my hobby."
Larry W
Newark, NJ

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Get paid for helping people discover and enjoy technology.

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